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Hello! First of all, thanks for being here, that means you are close to celebrating something important and I share your happiness! My name is Tatiana and I do Merida wedding photography and all also do wedding photography all over the world!

I am daughter of Rocío and Alejandro, I have two brothers (César and Checo), I was born and I live in Mérida, México.

I am 33 years old, I´m Visual Artist and a wedding photographer for 9 years.

My house is in Merida, but

I do weddings Anywhere in the world!

To me a wedding is a tribute to you, your family and people who are special to you. Each bride, each groom, each couple needs their own wedding photographer, the one who makes their day a tribute of life!

My commitment to you is to give you through my photographs the best memory of the best day of you life, YOUR WEDDING! I have a natural and relaxed style and I like to let everything flow.

The main idea is that you and your guests enjoy your wedding because the best pictures are made with the pure and real love, laughter and feelings from that day.